Friday, November 8, 2013

An Incident.

Now, I must warn you that this post is totally different from any of my posts here but I just know I had to talk about it somewhere. It really bothered me. Firstly, I just have to say that I consider myself to be very open minded about anything, really. I'm not one to judge before I completely know a person. So, here's what happened. It was just like any other outing with my friends. Now, I grew up in a Malay background, having lived in Brunei my whole entire childhood. However, I was raised Catholic. I wouldn't consider myself to be religious person but I believe in God, I worship him and that's all that matters. I have situated myself with Muslim people my whole entire life but nothing prepared me for what took place earlier this afternoon. My friends and I decided to have lunch at a foodcourt. We went our separate ways to order our food. I, being the person who could eat any kind of food, ordered at the non-halal and halal section. Once we were done eating, the owner from the Malay stall approached our table and asked me what I had ordered. Being taken aback, I replied that I had ordered from a non-halal stall. The lady, grabbed a plastic bag, wrapped it fully around her hand, trying her best not to expose any of her skin and gestured me to pick up the plate. I gave it to her and she tightly tied the bag and threw it in the rubbish bin. All of this infront of my eyes. I felt like I was in the olden days when white people used to treat black people like they were a disease. Never in my life have I ever felt so embarrassed and so enraged at the same time. I tried brushing it off and not let it affect me the whole day. I'm not trying to say that I was not at fault but the lady. Wow, the lady. The least she could have done was wait to do it after I had left. Anyway, the point of this post is that there is still discrimination in our society today but the least one could do is to please treat people nicely. It's not a good feeling to be treated poorly. I'm sure everyone has gone through that feeling, be it by your own parents or your boss. Treat people the way you wish to treated. 

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